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Rx8 LS D585 Coils Review

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Packed with power and durability, the LS d585 coils will be one of the best long term investments you'll make.

When it comes to upgrading the ignition system, you have numerous choices, from expensive branded ones, to chinese copies that are sometimes a gamble.

LS coils mounted on a custom home made bracket

What are LS coils and how many variants can you get?

LS coils, like the name suggests are used on LS muscle engines (Chevrolet corvette etc..) and deliver a considerably higher load, compared to the stock Rx8 coils.

If you want the best LS coil model, then you'll be looking at the AC-Delco ones. These coils can deliver 9MS load, which is perfect for Tuned rotary engines with turbochargers, that are pushing serious horsepower.

On the other hand, if you want to venture into the cheaper copy-coils world, then brace for a ride that can either impress you or stress you. The majority of copy d585 coils are made in China, which is not neccesarly a bad thing. Depending on the brand, some chinese coils can end up being of great quality, for a lower price. The Difference compared to the original? The MS load.

Like stated before, the AC Delco coils can deliver up to 9MS of load, meanwhile the chinese ones deliver 6MS, which is still more than what the rx8 requires so there is less chance of failure.

The Rx8's stock engine requires just 3MS load so adding chinese coils with 6MS will improve the engine's perfromance. It's been 2 years since i've installed my Copy LS coils and since then, i had 0 issues.

The car survived 2 high rpm drift days without causing any power loss or missfires. In addition to this i made 5.000 trouble free kilometers (3160miles).

Benefits of LS coils

So far of all the people i know had bough the same exact parts as i did, none gave a negative feedback. The majority of people i spoke to had the same results as me:

- Engine worked more smoothly, less vibrations

- Better fuel economy

- More power when accelerating.

What do you need to make an LS coil kit at home?

The parts to make this kit work are the following:

- LS Coils

- Harness Adapter

- 8mm or 10mm wires

- 4 New spark plugs

- Braket (bought or home made)

An important note after installing the kit, is to reset the ECU, otherwise you might get a check engine light. The check engine light could appear do to the increased load of the new coils. If it comes, simply clear it and reset the ecu, or even better, reser the ECU before starting the car.


In conclusion, the 200$ LS coil kit performed like a dream up until this day and compared to coils that are twice the price WITHOUT spark plugs, i can say that they are an excellent bang for the buck.

If you're still running the original stock coils, maybe it's time to try an upgrade and see wha't you've been missing.

The complete LS coils install video can be found below:

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