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2 Types of rx8's

Series 1: 2004-2008

- Manual 6 speed : 231Hp 

- Manual 5 speed: 189 Hp

- Automatic 6 speed with manual paddle shifters: 212hp

- Rear-wheel drive


Series 2: 2009-2012

- Improved Aesthetics: New front bumper, headlights, fenders, rear bumper and rear tail lights.

- Improved handling & performance: added 1 more oil injector, Improved rigidity with trapezoidal shock tower brace, enhanced rigidity of the front suspension tower area, revised rear suspension geometry and finally the final-drive-gear ratio on manual transmission cars was shortened from 4.444 to 4.777 for improved off-the-line performance.

mazda rx8 s1 2004.png
maztda rx8 s2 2009.png

IS it good for tall people?

If you’re taller than 190cm, you’re going to struggle, unless you compromise with an uncomfortable position, by having the seat half reclined back.

Rx8’s with a sunroof are even lower, so if you’re tall, avoid Rx8’s with a sunroof.

The steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth.


Yes, the stock suspension is very comfortable for everyday drives, and also you can barely feel small bumps. It's also stiff enough to allow great handling. It is a sweet spot between sporty and comfortable.


Only if you rev it to 9000 rpm, otherwise it’s as quiet as any petrol car. In some cases, like highway driving, even quieter. The stock exhaust allows it to be a very pleasant daily car.

HOw much fuel does it use?

Fuel consumption is above the average petrol car.

A healthy rx8 can:

Average 12l/100km in city

Average 8l/100km on a highway

Poorly maintained rx8's can have very bad fuel consumption, usually around 18-20l/100km


Insurance varies by country, but generally it's slightly expensive, but manageable if you have a job.


It’s very Reliable if everything in the buying checklist is taken care of. If it doesn’t meet the minimum criteria of the buying guide chart, you’re going to fix things on a regular basis, and it can become an expensive nightmare.

There is not such thing as a 100% reliable car, only good or bad luck. There are things you can do to make the car reliable for longer.

ARE REpairs expensive?

Parts are not that expensive, unless you need a new Original catalytic converter, which is around 1500€-2000€.

You have a very wide rage of after market options that work great and are not that expensive at all. See price examples here.

If you do the maintenance and repairs at home by yourself, with the help of my videos, you’re going to save a ton of money. Mechanic work on a rx8 can get expensive, depending on the job.


A regularly maintained rx8 with a knowledgeable owner can last well over 100.000 miles or 160.000 km

The main factor that determines how long your Rx8 engine will last is compression. 

If the engine is very worn compression will drop, and if the compression drops, the engine doesn't have the strength to operate at full power.

Once compression gets too low, the car will struggle to start, will have almost no power, and it will constantly flood. The only solution here is to rebuild the engine.

There are several failure points that you have no real control over, like side seal spring failure. You can kill your engine through negligence, but it's also possible for it to decide to die on its own, due to factors you can't control or prevent.

Is it fast?

- If you drove a slower vehicle before, yes, you’re going to feel like it’s very fast.

- If you drove a faster car before, like a BMW M3, it’s going to feel slower.

Initial acceleration from 1000 to 5000 rpm is very slow, like a 1.2 Fiat Panda, no joke. 

After 5000rpm, it gives a serious smooth punch of power.

How do i check if the rx8 i want to buy is good?

The best way to check is to look at the Rx8 buying guide that I created in Excel.

You can check the guide here.


This guide tests key factors that determine the risk you're taking in buying a certain model.

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