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HArd to turn


One of the most common causes is dirt in the electric steering connectors under the air box.

lift the air box, remove the black plastic under tray and you will see 2 big grey connectors.

Disconnect negative terminal of batter, and spray the inside of the connectors with contact cleaner  really good.

Wait for connectors to dry.

Reconnect battery and reconnect connectors.


Dry universal joint on the steering column, especially in right hand drive cars, where the joint is near the exhaust manifold.


To fix, use motorcycle chain spray grease, as it penertrates the joint easily, then a good application of grease.


a good way to do this is with a plastic bag on your hand grab a handful of grease and work it into the joint. Then turn the steering lock to lock a good few times to work it in




Another cause are earth leads, rack connections and battery terminals.

The power steering motor does require high current, any poor connection can affect this, so clean the earth straps, the connections on the actual rack itself and battery terminals.


If the steering wheel shakes, especially in cold mornings, here are the possible causes:

- BAD STEERING MOTOR (replace it)

- FLAT SPOT ON TIRE (try switching front and rear tires to see if it makes a difference)

- BAD STEERING RACK  (replace)

- LOOSE LUG NUTS (Check the lug nuts on your wheels and make sure they are screwed in tightly)


(If your rim does not have the proper amount of weights to balance it out, it can cause the steering to shake.

Have the wheel balanced and corrected if needed)

pulls in one side

If your steering wheels pulls on the left or right when going straight or turning, here are the possible causes and fixes:

- BAD WHEEL ALIGNMENT (bring your car to a shop to check the alignment and correct it if necessary)

- BRAKE CALIPER STUCK ON A SPECIFIC TYRE (dry guide pins can cause the caliper to remain pressed a bit thus slowing down that specific wheel. Open your caliper and inspect that all your guide pins are properly greased up)

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