Starting and stopping an rx8


1) Start engine

2)Wwait for oil pressure to register (couple of seconds)

3)Slowly raise rpm to 2,500-3,000 rpm for about 10-15 seconds (this won't damage the bearings)

Why is this step iportant? The rpm rise will quickly burn off the excessive fuel dumped in from the cold start and clean the spark plugs, because they are now being forced to rapid fire and quickly generate more heat.

4) GO DRIVE THE CAR. There's no need to let it sit there and idle. Driving the car puts more load on the engine and makes it heat up much faster.  If you let the car warm up by idling, that is a recipe for excessive carbon build-up.



- Shut it down just like any other car.

- If you have very low compression, before shutting down (park brake on and put it in neutral) raise rpm to 2,500-3,000 rpm for about 10-15 seconds, and then turn key off while your foot is still on the gas pedal.

IF i stall the car cold, will it flood?

If your ignition system is strong and you have decent compression (6 BAR or more), there's almost no chance it will flood.

If you have low compression, old ignition system (6+years) and on top of that a weak starter, the probability of it fooding is very high.


Here's what i found to be the sweet spot to get the best gas mileage 

City driving: ~4000rpm [Shift at 4500rpm]

Outside city driving straight road: ~3500-rpm [Shift at 4000rpm)

Highway driving 3000-3500 (shift at 3500rpm)

what is redlining, how often should i do it and what if i don't?

1) Redlining an rx8 means eaither driving it for a short period at 9000rpm or shifting gears at 9000 /1000rpm.

2) The doctor says every day, but you can do it every second drive or every other day.

3) If you dont rev it past 6000 rpm, not all the valves open and if they don't, carbon builds up and eventually shuts them close. If the valves are close you won't get any power or pass over 6000 rpm.

what is premix, do i have to do it and What happens if i don't?

1) Premix or premixing is mixing some 2 stroke oil in your fuel tank, to give it extra lubrication. This is done to increase the engine's lubrication, reducing wear over time and making it last longer.

2) It is advised, especially for Series 1 rx8's (2004-2008) which have only 2 oil injectors. The series 2 rx8 (2009-2012) has 1 extra injector, making them 3 so premixing is not crucial. Click HERE to see my video on how to premix. In order to pass SMOG tests, stop premixign at least 1 month before inspection and consume 1 full tank of gasoline only.

3) If you don't premix nothing happens. Maybe you won't get as many miles out of the engine as if you premixed, but in the end a rebuild is always waiting for you regardless.

WHAt fuel do i need to use?

EUROPE Fuel: Minimum 95  Recommended 98/100

USA Fuel: Minimum 91 Recommended 93

what is a sohn adapter, do i need it and what happens if i don't ?

1) A sohn adapter is a metal plate that serves as a deviator of fluids. It allows the Oil metering pump to suck clean 2 stroke oil instead of the dirty one in your oil pan.

The oil metering pump is a pump that sucks oil from your oil pan and injects it inside the engine to lubricate the rotors. The oil from your oil pan is dirty and to inject and burn dirty oil is a recepy for carbon buildup. 

The sohn adapter kit, is installed on the oil metering pump, and when on, it blocks the entrance of dirty oil from the oil pan and provides a secundary entrace where you connect a hose that it's connected to an external bottle where you put clean 2 stroke oil. 

This way your engine will get better lubrication, 2 stroke oils burn clean thus drastically reducing carbon buildup.

2) It is strongly advised that you install one. Click HERE for my step by step install video.

3) If you don't install one, nothing serious happens, but in the long run, you'll increase carbon buildup.

What fluids do i need for my rx8?

- Best choice: Original mazda FL 22 Coolant

- Alternatives: they must contain Ethylene Glycol. Mix them with distilled water and DO NOT USE coolants that contain Alcohol, Methanol, borate, or silicates.

WINDOW CLEANING FLUID: Any brand you want


!! Without Sohn adapter !!

Extremely cold cliamte (-20°Cor more / -5F or more)

-0w30 or 5w30 - Mineral or Semi Synthetic that must have the label A3/B4

Normal Climate

10w40 - Mineral or Semi Synthetic that must have the label A3/B4

Extremely hot climate (30°C+ / 86F +)

15w40 - Mineral or Semi Synthetic that must have the label A3/B4

!! If you install the Sohn adapter, you can even use synthetic oils and heavier viscosity 20w50 for very hot climates !!


Red Line MT90 75W90


- Thick option for very hot climates: 80w90

- Normal option: Red Line MT90 75W90


- Dot3 or Dot4 (don't use Dot5 cause it's silicone based and is not compatible with the other fluids. If you use it you cannot return to the other fluids)


A regularly maintained rx8 with a knowledgeable owner can last well over 100.000 miles or 160.000 km

The main factors that determines how long will your Rx8 engine last is compression. 

If the engine is very worn, the compression will drop, and if the compression drops the engine doesn't have the strength to operate to full power.

Once compression gets too low, the car will struggle to start, will have almost no power and it will constantly flood. The only solution here is to do an engine rebuild.

There are several failure points that you have no real control over, like side seal spring failure. You can kill your engine through negligence, but it's also possible for it to decide to die on it's own, due to factors you can't control or prevent.

STRAGE white FOAM/mayonese thing on my oil dip stick

If you pull out your oil dip stick and see a white/yellow thick cream on the tip.


The cream is the result of condensation in your oil system, basically a mix of oil and water.


It usually occurs in cold weather or when it's very damp. You didn't drive the car above 6000 Rpm to rise the temperature and get rid of the moisture.






Clean it with a rug, put it back it, take it out, clean it again, repeat until clean.


Go for a nice hard ride and rev it high (doesnt mean you have to go fast, just keep the rpms high)



WATER/condensation IN HEADLIGHTS or tail lights

If you see condensation or water in your rx8 headlights or tail lights, that means that the gasket is not sealing properly and water/moisture is getting in.


- Tail lights: remove the tail lights and replace the rubber gasket behind them. Click here to see the How to video.

- Headlights: find any cracks around the plastic housing and if you manage to find them, cover tem with silicone.

If you can't manage to find the crack or if the headlights are soaked in condensation, just buy new ones and you'll solve the problem for years to come.

HOW TO FIND the correct brake disc rotor/caliper size?

REAR ROTOR DISCS AND CALIPERS: They are the same on all rx8 models

- Diameter 302.0 Bore diameter 72.0 Minimum thickness 16.0 Thickness 18.0 Height 43.5 Studs 5

FRONT ROTOR DISCS: You have 2 options

- Normal: Diameter 303.0mm Thickness 24.0mm Minimum Thickness: 22.0mm Height: 45.5mm Bore Diameter: 72.0mm Studs: 5

- Sport Version: Diameter 323.0mm Bore diameter 72.0mm Minimum thickness 22.0mm Thickness 24.0mm Height 45.0mm Studs 5


Remove just 1 front wheel, take a measureing tape and measure like in this picture: CLICK HERE

WHat is the normal and max water temperature of the rx8 

Normal: 86-95°C / 187-203F

Acceptable in hot days and racing: ~100°C / ~212F

Max safe before serious damage: 105°C / 220F

Danger temperature: anything over 105°C / 220F (serious damage can occur + overheating)

! Always check the water temperature withe an OBD 2 scanner, this is the only way to get an accurate reading!

If you don't have one yet, i strongly suggest you do, cause it'll come in handy on many occasions. You can get the one i have by CLICKING HERE

Why are the cup holders so hot?

The transmissions runs under the cup holders.

If you drive your car hard, the heat emitted by the tranmission will warm up the cup holders.


No, it won't do any damage



WHEN CAN I START driving hard or redline to 9000rpm?

NEVER do it right after you start your car cold!

Start the car, drive it for a bit, once the temperature gauge comes to the middle, you can start to drive it hard and redline to 9000 rpm.

What is seafoam?

Seafoam is a solvent that melts carbon deposits in the engine, making it work more efficiently.


If you've had your engine for a couple of years, then it is a good option to try.  But if you want to do it, eather you do it properly, like in THIS VIDEO, or you get it done professionally.

The reason behind this is, that if you don't do it properly you won't get any noticeable results.

how do i preserve good engine compression?

Regular maintenance and not keeping it under 5000 rpm 90% of it's life, rev them damn car!

When do i have to service my rx8?

Check out my rx8 maintenance schedule HERE